Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

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“Subway Surfers”

Subway Surfers is a fun platform video game in which you try to escape from the police chasing you through a subway station with high-speed trains. It’s an endless runner with striking and colorful visuals in which the game ends as soon as you hit an obstacle and the police catch you. But that’s not a problem, because if you tap the screen again, you can restart the game from the beginning.

Keep going as long as you can

In the main setting of Subway Surfers, you’ll find three lanes along which the main character can run. During the race, you’ll have to alternate between these lanes in order to avoid obstacles and collect the coins you find along the way. You can also jump and roll on the ground by swiping vertically. One of your most interesting abilities is activated by double-tapping on the screen; by doing so, you can use a skateboard for a limited time to avoid being knocked out of the game.

Collect coins scattered around the setting

The main objective of Subway Surfers, besides running away from the police, is to get as many coins as possible and complete missions to keep increasing your score on the game’s leaderboard. In order to keep the game going, you’ll have to use the different power-ups that you find scattered around the setting. These bonuses will help you in various ways: jump higher, fly through the air at the speed of light, or automatically collect coins from any lane.

Collect different characters

With the coins you collect as you play, you can also unlock new items, collect new characters, or buy skateboards with other abilities. Each power-up in the game can be improved with coins, so it’s important to collect as many coins as you can while playing Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is a very entertaining and simple game that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. This game is constantly updated and the perfect way to compete with your friends by checking out their scores online. If you want to help this hooligan escape from the police, download Subway Surfers’s APK here.

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