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“Free Fire”

Free Fire is a battle royale whose large-scale battles, in which you can take part, see 50 players from all over the world simultaneously parachute onto an island. The goal? Become the sole survivor. Unlike in other games of the genre, where battles can last up to half an hour, the battles here last an average of 10 minutes, making them much more suitable for mobile devices.

Controls customized to your liking

The controls in Free Fire are very similar to what you might find in other games of the genre. On the left of the screen is the controller to move, and on the right are the buttons for shooting, reloading, crouching, lying down, and jumping. When you find a weapon, box, vehicle, or door, you can interact with it by simply pressing the pop-up action button near the screen’s center. You can quickly access the inventory and any of its items from the upper right corner. In the upper left corner, you can find the map. These are the default controls. You can resize and move all the buttons as you like from the configuration options menu, creating a layout completely tailored to you.

The classic battle royale experience

The way a round of Free Fire unfolds is practically identical to that of other games of the same type, such as PUBG or Fortnite. All players begin the game flying over the map in an airplane and can eject themselves whenever they want, agreeing on the timing with their teammates if playing in Team Mode. As soon as players land, they must try to find weapons and other tools as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they’re exposed and vulnerable to other players’ attacks. Of course, you’ll need to watch out for the force field barrier that gradually reduces the size of the map because if you find yourself on the wrong side, you’ll be swiftly eliminated. The island is not only full of weapons but also vehicles, which you can use to quickly get from one part of the map to another. There are motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and even helicopters for you to control. And, even better, if you’re accompanied by a teammate, you can shoot from the vehicle while the other drives.

Tons of game modes

Gone are the first versions of Free Fire that only had the classic battle royale mode. Thanks to the continuous efforts by Garena, the game developers, there is a new event every month. These events typically involve collaborating with an anime, movie, or famous character. Each new event usually includes additional game modes, skins, weapons, and vehicles. Some game modes have become so popular that they remain a permanent fixture. Thanks to this, you can now enjoy the Deathmatch Mode any time you like, where two teams of five players take each other on in fast-paced matches lasting just 10 minutes. Another popular game mode, PvE (Player Versus Environment), allows you to join forces with other players to fight against zombies and other enemies. Thanks to all this variety, you’ll always find something fun and new to do.

Maps, maps and more maps

When it came out in 2017, Free Fire had only one map: Bermuda. But over the years and updates, the game has added many additional maps, such as Bermuda Remastered, NeXTerra, Alps, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Each map offers a completely different experience, with different settings to suit different playing styles. The classic Bermuda, for example, provides the most varied experience, while Purgatory especially favors long-range combat with sniper rifles. Learning the ins and outs of each map is key to victory. For example, almost all the weapons are scattered around the maps at random, but the location of most vehicles is fixed. And knowing where a jeep is when you need one can save your life.

The difference between Free Fire, Free Fire: MAX and Free Fire: Advance

The main difference between Free Fire and the MAX version is its resolution and overall graphics. Free Fire: MAX has a broader range of graphics options designed with more modern and powerful Android devices in mind. You’ll be able to use higher resolutions and, in general, enjoy more detailed character models and settings, especially in the game menu. Besides this, Free Fire and Free Fire: MAX are virtually identical. Thanks to Firelink technology, players of both games can share servers and play against each other. The Advance version, however, is slightly different— it’s played on independent servers and will give you early access to new maps and game modes. For this reason, Free Fire: Advance players won’t be able to play against players of other versions.

Free Fire is a battle royale that offers a fun and addictive gaming experience perfectly designed for Android devices. Plus, the game’s APK is much smaller than other games of the genre and takes up little space in your device’s memory. And, as the game is much less graphically demanding, it can be enjoyed by almost anyone without any issues or lags.

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