Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

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“Clash of Clans”

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer strategy game in which you have to build your own village to compete against opponents from all over the world. Through entertaining online battles, from the first moments of this game, you’ll have to take advantage of the power of the resources you unlock. Beyond that, you’ll always have the main objective of damaging each enemy fortress as much as possible.

Create the best village in this Supercell game

In Clash of Clans, you’ll have to construct different buildings on the squares that make up your main village. During the first few levels, you won’t have too many resources, but you’ll soon be able to invest in unlocking the best items. Only in this way can you create a world full of buildings where you can house and train your troops.

Get to know the types of buildings in Clash of Clans

Within Clash of Clans, you’ll find several types of buildings that you can add, little by little, to your main village. Each building has special characteristics you can use depending on your strategy in each part of the game. Of course, everything is controlled by a Town Hall that increases in number as you level up.

Army buildings

With this building, you can house and train your troops. In fact, it’s from this building that you can control all the buildings connected to your offense.

Defensive buildings

Defense structures are also important in order to lessen the effect of enemy attacks. Elements such as mortars or cannons allow you to activate all kinds of skills designed to stop your opponents in their tracks.


Placing traps in Clash of Clans eliminates enemies from your defending areas. Using aerial bombs or skeleton traps, among other resources, you can cause direct damage to any enemy group trying to attack your village.

Resource buildings

Gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems allow you to reset traps, improve your troops, or speed up specific processes within the game. However, some of these items can only be obtained through in-app purchases.

Enjoy a highly addictive gameplay

One of Clash of Clans’s strengths is its gameplay’s simplicity. The control system is very simple, and it won’t take long to get to know the different types of heroes that you can add to your clan. Even better, this game has great visuals, so you can easily appreciate the different characteristics representing each type of hero.

Station your troops in camps

Inside your camp, you can station each of the troops you train in the barracks. Increasing your camp’s level will allow you to easily accommodate more troops. You can even unlock new camps to have much more space to station these groups.

Customize your attacks to the max in CoC

Using the “Hero Equipment” feature, you can improve the skills of all your heroes by leaps and bounds. For example, if you use the Archer Queen, you’ll give this heroine a huge bow and arrow with which you can reach any part of the battlefield. Similarly, starting at Town Hall 8, you can unlock a building called “Blacksmith.” Within the walls of this imposing place, you’ll be able to improve your characters’ different strengths and make the most of their power.

Download Clash of Clans’s free APK for Android to enjoy this spectacular online strategy game in which you do your utmost to build the best village.

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